Hearing vs. Listening

I stumbled across an important thread (which I’ve been debating with myself for some time now) over at the HTLALforum a few days ago. I’d gladly appreciate feedback from those who’ve taken the time to read this post. Okay…. we all have some sort of “unused or lost time” within our daily activities. A brief example of my daily activities consist of organizing class assignments, feeding the dog, bit of house chores then off to school around mid afternoon. Between these activities is usually the perfect time for input based listening within the target language that I am studying. I would play random dialogues from the Teach Yourself series or Colloquial while completing whichever task that im working on but here’s the issue…. I find myself doing much more of hearing than listening. What I mean is that I’m usually giving attention towards lets say “organizing assignments for class” and only hearing the spoken language without much focus oppose to listening (which isn’t good IMHO). On the other-hand, one perk of hearing when referring to language study is that your mind eventually becomes use to different sound patterns. Focusing is done by concentration and listening requires lots of concentration so that your brain can effectively process meaning from words and sentences which in turn leads to learning. With that being said, I find that during study hours is when I am listening at best which is why I am able to absorb and learn new aspects of the target language. To sum up the process of listening, see the attached image below. What’s your input on this topic? Do you think there is a difference between passive hearing and active listening?

Process of Listening

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