Zabava s hrvatskim

Fun with Croatian

Been quite a few months since I’ve last glanced at the the beginning units of TYS Croatian. Here is a review ofgrammatical points and key terms from Units 1. I’ll add 2, 3, 4, in the next post. I started studying Croatian the first week of July 2010 (July 3rd to be exact) after receiving the books I ordered for the language. Currently I am working through a course book.

Teach Yourself Croatian: (Course book)

Unit 1:

Grammar –  In Croatian, ja and vi (I and You) are usually omitted and rarely used unless its a direct/personal question being ask. Also, the words:  the , a , an have the same meaning and there are no replacements for them. Examples in context below:

§  In a hotel    = U hotelu

§  In the hotel = U hotelu

Short form vs Long form – The main difference between these two is simple. Short form is never used as the first word of a sentence/phrase. The Long form is normally used to answer questions or ask questions. Examples in context below:

§  I am new styles = Ja sam new styles

§ I am new styles = Ja jesam new styles

Key terms :

§  I am = Ja sam

§  You speak english well = Dobro govorite engleski

§  I speak a little = Govorim malo

§  I am learning = Učim

§  Who are you = Tko ste ti

§  Do you understand = Razumijete li

§  Not much = Slabo

§  How are you = Kako ste


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