Conjugate Latvian Verbs


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Having issues with Verbs in Latvian? būt, iet, varēt, darīt? I know I have. Well here is a nifty website that helps conjugate verbs for anyone who’s planning to study or is studying Latvian. The language is extremely different from the Romance language tree but that shouldn’t discourage you. I had fun learning Latvian earlier this year with my friend Moses Mccormick (who runs the FLR RoadRunning Language Camp website). I also like their notfication of their conjugation tool not being “Perfect”

“we know we risk being imprecise. We don’t care.”



July 11th, 2011

Thai – The Beginning

I reviewed Thai pronunciation today using Teach Yourself Thai.  The review explained Consonants and Vowels in the Thai language. I really like the sounds of Thai accents.


ku กุ
like ‘oo’ in “hoop”

ko กอ
like ‘o’ in “torn” (short vowel: “เกาะ“)

kuea เกือ 
like “ue” followed by a short “a”


I reviewed Units 3 and 2 in Teach Yourself Cantonese and did a first pass over Unit 4.


After 2 hours of watching & passively listening to Cordel Encantado via, I then decided to start the Living Language Ultimate Portuguese Course that recently came in. The accent of this course is more of Portugal’s Portuguese than Brazilian Portuguese.


Croatian is such a fun language being that it is not extremely difficult and the ease of it’s pronunciation. I basically watched a couple videos from this really good band from Zagreb. If you’d like to listen to Croatian rock, check this band out and their latest music video: Svijet Glamura


I just started passively listening to Spanish today. I was able to understand 70% of Eva Luna, a Colombian soap opera series via since there are so many similarities between Spanish & Portuguese. I plan to dedicate 2 hours of passive listening per day for Spanish.