Cantonese characters to Jyutping – 粵語粤拼

I was searching for a online conversion tool that converts Jyutping to Cantonese characters but was only able to find the opposite. This is HKtv’s Pinyin Online Conversion Tool which could be useful for anyone who is looking to convert characters to Jyutping.


Here are some key features:

  • Pinyin tones can be numbered, marked or turned off.
  • Chinese characters can be seen above, below or turned off.
  • You can download your conversions.


Blog Update:

There are so many good languages to learn this year! I haven’t forgot about the blog  =] . I’m having fun working on Slavic and Asian languages at the moment and will be posting my experiences this year. Before then, I would like to add some videos of the past about resources and such here on the blog  since I was unable to do so previously. More info coming soon.

Welcome Language Learning Bloggers & Friends


Welcome to Spoken Styles, a brand new blog of mine. This is the first time I’ve created a blog and I hope that this experience will be rewarding. The intention and focus of this blog is strictly on foreign language learning experiences….hmm maybe ounces on culture as well xD. I hope to not bore viewers & bloggers who visit and will try my best to keep things interesting. I am a serious language addict sorry. More details over at [about me] section. Keep in touch =)





Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power