July 9th, 2011 (Update)

I finally have online connection again after nearly two months of no internet. Comcast decided to switch our service to their latest “X-finity” without consulting first. After noticing the 85% increase towards our initial monthly plan, we brought it to their attention and was internet-less for a period of 7 weeks.



Blog Update:

There are so many good languages to learn this year! I haven’t forgot about the blog  =] . I’m having fun working on Slavic and Asian languages at the moment and will be posting my experiences this year. Before then, I would like to add some videos of the past about resources and such here on the blog  since I was unable to do so previously. More info coming soon.

Campus Work Load! =/

Summer classes!!
The Campus

I have been very busy with summer courses since early June. While being a full time student for the summer semester at my university  and also working five days out of the week, I haven’t had much time to update the blog as frequent as I’d like to. Currently I am studying for 2 state exams that are required for my degree. Even though there are only 5 weeks left for summer classes, the work load is still considerably heavy.  Without Podcast’s and Pimsleur for audio on the go, keeping up with the current languages I’m studying would be a very difficult task. More updates will be coming very shortly within a few more weeks. Btw, you can now follow me on Twitter as well.