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I’ve created this Spoken LAB section of the blog for the purpose of reading practice in various languages. This section contains podcast recordings of stories, dialogues and news articles from resources that I am using to study the given language. The goal here is to receive feedback (constructive criticism) from listeners around the world… both language learners and native speakers. Ultimately I hope the given feedback will help me improve on pronunciation and accents within the spoken languages below and inspire individuals who are considering learning a foreign language.  -SpokenStyles


















































































































































































































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Cantonese characters to Jyutping – 粵語粤拼

I was searching for a online conversion tool that converts Jyutping to Cantonese characters but was only able to find the opposite. This is HKtv’s Pinyin Online Conversion Tool which could be useful for anyone who is looking to convert characters to Jyutping.

Link: http://hktv.cc/hp/cantonesetojyutping/

Here are some key features:

  • Pinyin tones can be numbered, marked or turned off.
  • Chinese characters can be seen above, below or turned off.
  • You can download your conversions.
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