Latvian – #1


Zabava s hrvatskim

Fun with Croatian

Been quite a few months since I’ve last glanced at the the beginning units of TYS Croatian. Here is a review ofgrammatical points and key terms from Units 1. I’ll add 2, 3, 4, in the next post. I started studying Croatian the first week of July 2010 (July 3rd to be exact) after receiving the books I ordered for the language. Currently I am working through a course book.

Teach Yourself Croatian: (Course book)

Unit 1:

Grammar –  In Croatian, ja and vi (I and You) are usually omitted and rarely used unless its a direct/personal question being ask. Also, the words:  the , a , an have the same meaning and there are no replacements for them. Examples in context below:

§  In a hotel    = U hotelu

§  In the hotel = U hotelu

Short form vs Long form – The main difference between these two is simple. Short form is never used as the first word of a sentence/phrase. The Long form is normally used to answer questions or ask questions. Examples in context below:

§  I am new styles = Ja sam new styles

§ I am new styles = Ja jesam new styles

Key terms :

§  I am = Ja sam

§  You speak english well = Dobro govorite engleski

§  I speak a little = Govorim malo

§  I am learning = Učim

§  Who are you = Tko ste ti

§  Do you understand = Razumijete li

§  Not much = Slabo

§  How are you = Kako ste

The Polyglot Project – Be a part of it!

A YouTube friend syzygycc started a great concept for any language enthusiasts and just about anyone who has some type of language experiences. Everyone can participate in this project. This project is about sharing the stories, the methods, and the experiences we language learners have. This is going to be a major book with wealth amounts of information and I encourage anyone who are addicts of foreign languages to join in. IT’S FREE! Just head over to these links posted and be sure to watch syzygycc video on The Polyglot Project for concepts, ideas and more information.


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